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Welcome To Homexe

Homexe group is a professionally managed global player in a business of acquiring processing and marketing Guar Gum, spices & various edible products for over a decade. Based in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the Company has a tradition of maintaining strong ties and business links with quality Guar Gum producers in the India, which being largest cultivator of Guar Gum crop in the world.

Homexe has grown manifold into an industrial hub that produces and exports Guar gum and its multiple derivatives along with various Guar products and other agro commodities.

Our trading products include guar gum powder, metal utility products, cinnamon, turmeric, cashews, various exotic & rare spices that elevate culinary experiences to new heights.

Homexe Group

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This is by far the best stabilizing agent which is derived from cluster or guar beans which are majorly produced in India. The potential benefits of guar beans are many and thus demanded globally. They deliver the best results while preparing gluten-free baked items or when required to be added to ice-creams, gravies, or pudding.